Rachel Page

Who wants less time at the weekend?

March 24, 2022

 I’m guessing that no-one is that keen on having less time but since the clocks are going forward by an hour on Sunday morning that’s the reality this week.    

This weekend to minimise the effect of the loss of the hour you might consider going to bed a bit earlier.  Or try spreading the clock change over the whole weekend: for young children who don’t know that clocks have changed it can be helpful to shift their routine by 20-30 minutes a day and this works for adults too.

Getting enough good quality sleep is crucial for health and well being.  If you struggle with doing the things you know you should be doing for your health then consider if you are getting enough sleep.  If you are tired your body will crave sweet things to give it an energy boost.  And if you are tired you are likely to have less willpower to resist the ‘treats’ that might give you an instant list but will leave you feeling worse later on.  So rather than berate yourself for a lack of willpower, maybe think about investing in yourself by getting more sleep.  

And if you really want to invest in your health ahead of the summer then contact me for a Health Review to be happy in your skin and confident in your food choices.

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