Rachel Page

The importance of relaxing

August 13, 2021

Getting away from it all can be a great stress buster.  Whether that’s a holiday abroad, in the UK or simply losing yourself in a book or music at home you can be improving your health whilst relaxing.  In fact, relaxing is one of the best things you can do for your health!

Stress is one of the things that can really throw anyone off course health-wise but especially those with diabetes because of the increase it causes to blood sugar levels.  When we are stressed our body gets ready for action by releasing glucose into the blood so it is available for muscles to use to deal with the threat.  This response dates back to when the threat to our ancestors was being chased by a sabre-toothed tiger - that energy release was available to either run away or fight off the threat.  Today’s stresses might be different but the way your body responds is the same: an increase in blood sugar.

So, if you want to manage your diabetes you need to manage your stress.  Take a walk in the countryside and get in touch with nature, read that book or have a soothing bath.  Taking time to relax is a real investment in your health that you can’t afford not to do, even if it's just for a few minutes.

And on that note, I am taking some time away.  When I come back in September I have the follow up conversation with Lynne Reedman of Duet Diabetes for you.  We talk about lifestyle factors that affect diabetes and I can’t wait to share it with you.  In the meantime you can find our first conversation, focusing on nutrition, on my 8th June blog.

Until then, take it easy!

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