Rachel Page

Plan to succeed

December 16, 2021

Here is the final part of my 5 point plan and in many ways is the most important as without it the others are more likely to fail. It is planning! Planning is crucial to success because it takes the day to day decision making away. 

Blank notebook for planning

For example, if you make a meal plan for the week and use that as a shopping list there are multiple benefits.

Firstly, you know what you need in the supermarket so it saves time and money (no spending on random items that end up getting thrown away) and it helps ensure you have all you need when it comes to cooking. 

Secondly, you know what to cook on a given day, no more staring at the fridge wondering what to eat.   It's also useful to batch cook on some days, maybe at the weekend if you have more time, so that during the week there is an easy and healthy option that just needs to be got out of the fridge or freezer.  This also helps to avoid the temptation of takeaways!

The same principles apply to self care, sleep and movement - planning them makes them more likely to happen.  If you schedule a walk with a friend you are more likely to get moving than vaguely saying to yourself ‘I ought to move more’.

None of us have unlimited amounts of will power: with planning you won't need so much of it!  But if you need someone to help to hold you to your plans, book in to chat with me and we can work toward better health together. Just click the blue button at the top right of this page to get started.

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