Rachel Page

Energy Boosters

September 8, 2022

For many, this week has been about getting back to ‘normal’, whether that’s kids at school, back to work or just the weather becoming a bit less extreme.  But what doesn’t have to be back to the ‘same old’ is our energy levels.  Here are a few top tips to improve energy levels to be able to handle all that the autumn can throw at you.

Hydration: number one for both its impact and ease to fit in.  Adding an extra glass of water or two to your day can improve fatigue, headaches and physical and mental performance because the body and brain are both largely water!  So keep a refillable bottle next to you as a reminder to keep drinking.  You should be aiming for wee that looks the colour of pale straw.

Breakfast: start your day with protein and healthy fats to help keep blood sugar stable and prevent snacking and energy slumps later in the day.  Try scrambled eggs with mushrooms on sourdough or rye bread.  Or full fat Greek yogurt with berries, nuts and seeds.  

Keep moving: sitting still for too long zaps energy because your body thinks it’s nap time.  So move, stretch, go for a walk and use the stairs during the working day.  And on days off try to get out of the house as much as possible - getting natural light during the day helps your brain register when it is daytime and when it's night - helping you to sleep better.

But not too much exercise: don’t forget to have some rest and recovery time too!

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