Rachel Page

Easter bunnies, fluffy chicks, hot cross buns and chocolate eggs

April 14, 2022

Easter is a time of hope, renewal and spending time with family and friends.  After the restrictions affecting the last two Easter periods it feels particularly welcome.

But for those who struggle with weight or have diabetes the prospect of being surrounded by chocolate and other goodies can be worrying.  Add in the pressure of not wanting to be the killjoy or being encouraged to go off track by relatives and it can be overwhelming.

So it is worth taking a step back and thinking about how to manage the Easter period.  One option is to plan and ask for help.  If you know that someone is going to buy you a huge chocolate egg then maybe ask for something a little smaller or maybe some spring flowers instead.  Trying to reduce the temptation might be the best solution for you if you are determined to stick to your healthy way of eating over the period.

Alternatively, you might decide not to worry about what you are eating over Easter. You make a conscious decision to eat some chocolate and have the odd hot cross bun.  By doing this you might feel less tempted to binge later and in fact eat less of the treats overall.  

Either plan to remove temptation or decide to indulge a little.  Either is fine and the choice is totally yours: do whatever you feel works best for you.   

Be kind to yourself, relax and enjoy the Easter period.

Easter chick and bunny
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